Learning in Fukuoka, Japan to support Olympic

Fukuoka is the largest city of international tourism in Kyushu. In addition, prices in Fukuoka City are lower than in other cities including Tokyo. It has a rich natural environment with a yearly average air temperature of 15 C. It is also a safe, convenient, and livable city.Fukuoka is evaluated as the best city in Asia in which to live by the Hong Kong English magazine “Asia Week”. Then, it takes approximately 3 hours to go to Busan, Korea by fast sailing ship.

To study at Fukuoka of Japan to support Olympic

  • Hakata Gion yamakasa festival
  • Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

    Yamakasa is one of Hakata's three major festivals, and the festival rites at Hakata's Chinjugami and Kushida Shrines from July 1st through 15th announce the arrival of summer in Hakata. It is said that in the summer of 1241 in the Kamakura period, in order to eliminate a plague, they rode the segakidana (racks for holding offerings) around the town spreading holy water to purify it while offering prayers to drive off the plague.

  • Fukuoka   International   Airport
  • Fukuoka International

    Fukuoka Airport has the second most takeoffs and landings in Japan behind Haneda Airport in Tokyo, and there are international flights by 19 airlines, mainly in Asia, making it very convenient.


    SPACE WORLD is a large theme park located in Kitakyushu, about 30 minutes from our academy by train. This theme park is popular in any season, and you can have fun there all day long.

  • Dazaifu  Tenmangu
  • Dazaifu Tenmangu

    Dazaifu is a wellspring of Japanese history and culture. In 1158, during the time of Kiyomori, trade with the Song dynasty in China flourished, and at that time, it was the political center of the Kyushu District, as well as said to be a famous center of scholarship. It is a famous place where many people visit to pray every year on New Year's Day and when entrance exams are held. As a tourism city, there are also many tourists who visit the shrine.