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Privacy Policy

This education institute positions the protection of personal information as the most important, all of our school’s faculty members recognize their responsibilities and will handle the acquisition, use and protection of personal information properly under the following basic policy.

Acquisition of personal information

When asking for inquiries, applications and materials request of the course, registering student information of enrolled students, and when applying for recruitment at our academy, our school has a personal name, an address, a telephone number, an e-mail address.

Purpose of using personal information

The school will use personal information for the following purposes.
• Providing educational services (courses, learning counseling, enrollment management, individual guidance, other office procedures, etc.)
• Life support (life consultation • support for hospitals etc. • insurance procedures etc.)
• Procedures for entry and stay
• Employment support
• Various inquiries
• Answer to the document request and attachment
• Information on programs • courses • Distribution of information (e-mail magazines etc.)
• Information gathering for improving programs and services
• Exchange with graduates and creation of a graduate roster
• Recruitment of applicant

About third-party provision of personal information

In principle personal information will not be provided to third parties.
However, in the case where you got the consent of the individual or when it is accepted by law, providing personal information to a third party will be allowed.

About disclosure, correction, deletion etc. of personal information

In case personal information provider himself / herself wishes to disclose, correct or delete information, we will promptly take measures according to your request. At that time, in order to confirm that you are the person in question, you need to turn in what you can identify such as your name, birth date, address.

Protection of personal information

The institute will comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information and guidelines specified by the government and other norms,
We constantly provide education on personal information protection to all faculty members.
By implementing necessary safety control measures, we will endeavor to prevent leakage, loss and correction of personal information.

Inquiries / complaints concerning personal information

Please contact us for any inquiries / complaints regarding personal information.