Environment around the academy

Sakura Japanese Language Academy is located in Shingu-machi, Fukuoka.
It is 1 minute walk to Hello Day supermarket, 1 minute walk to the bus stop for Tenjin, 5 minute walk to Nishi-Nippon City Bank, 7 minute walk to Shingu post office and 7 minute walk to Kano denki around the academy. Our school is conveniently located for students with many facilities nearby including supermarkets, banks, post offices, and general hospitals. In addition, you can find a large number of apartments and rooms to rent, because nearby there are universities such as Kyushu Sangyo University and Fukuoka Institute of Technology. You will enjoy a perfect learning environment by living and studying abroad, with low prices and low rent.

  • Shingu Chuo Station
  • Shingu-Chuo Station

    Shingu Chuo Station is on Kagoshima Line. Land readjustment around the station has almost finished. Then, there are a lot of commercial facilities at the east side and a lot of housings, factories and offices at the west side, basically.

  • hallo Day super market
  • Hallo Day Super Market

    There is a Hallo Day supermarket close by, which is very convenient for day to day life.

  • The Nishi-nippon City Bank
  • The Nishi-Nippon Bank

    Nishi-Nippon City Bank is a bank based mainly in Kyushu, with branches in Tokyo and Osaka as well. It does international services. It is conveniently located five minutes from the school on foot.

  • IKEA
  • IKEA

    Ikea is a store that sells Swedish furniture and accessories. It is their only location in Kyushu, and it has become a symbol of the town.


    BON REPAS is a supermarket for luxury food very near Shingu Chuo Station. Genuine foods are lined up in the store.

  • Hitomaru shrine
  • Hitomaru Shrine

    Hitomaru Shrine is located about eight minutes from the school on foot. In the plaza, you can enjoy the natural seasonal scenery, and it is beloved by locals as a famous spot for cherry blossoms.